You Nakai


Luis Tabuenca, et al.

first leaf composed

2009. 12. 30
(for Ana Maria Alarcon)

first leaf performed

2013. 8. 28


Temp'óra International Meeting, Sofia, Bulgaria

1..the title of this piece is this instruction...

1..the title of this piece is this instruction.

2. to be performed with one or several wind instrument(s).

3. hang thisl leaflet in the performance space. arrange lighting to provide maximum visibility..

4. start from the top and read the holes that thesesxletters make on the back of this leaflet as musical notes (vertical=pitch horizontal=time, etc). use the veins of the leafletfof for necessary articulation.

5. start from the furthest point these letters can be read and play the notes while walking backwards away from this leaflet (if there are more than one performer, each should start from and walk in different directions).

6.5 if this leaflet needs to be turned around to read the notes, do this by sending wind through or with the instrument (if this proves impossible, use breath or whistle)

7..skip any note that becomes unreadable during performance.

8..the performance ends when all notes become unreadable.

9. if any instruction becomes unreadable over the course of time, skip it for subsequent pperformances.

10. the piece ends whe all instructions become unreadable (do not make copius of this leaflet).

written for ana maria alarcon
by you nakai
december 30, 2009
new york city

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