You Nakai and Kay Festa
in collaboration with Zen-Go (Megumi Kamimura & Shinichi Takashima)

When & Where

A: Post Future Perfect
2018. 2. 17
blanClass, Tokyo
Tokyo Performance Art Meeting Festival

B: Past Future Perfect
2018. 2. 19-3. 4
Kinosaki International Art Center

C: Pest Future Perfect
2018. 3. 6
Mrs. Triangle, Osaka
(cureated by Yoshihito Mizuuchi & Pika (Afrirampo, etc))

Past Future PeRFECT

A month-long project in three parts that NO COLLECTIVE organized with the Tokyo-based performance unit ZEN-GO [Before & After], in addition to discussions held before and documentation assembled afterwards, to develop ways of re-calling a future imagined in a past which would have never become part of the shared present.


A Science Fiction Puppetry focusing on the parallel mechanism between ventriloquism and (loud)speakers


A two-week residency exploring the peculiar temporality of proposals (those leading to residencies as well as those leading to marriages). We would have regarded people’s habits (or “kuse” in Japanese, a word that encompasses everything from verbal tics, propensity for lying, proneness to being lazy, sexual proclivities, to messy bedheads) as primordial archil-choreographies, a particular bias of the mind or body that registers a particular contact with the world. Working under the hypothesis that one always “proposes” oneself to other through unconscious display of habits, the project would have explored the use, misuse, and abuse of such personal yet contingent proposals along with the strange temporalities embedded therein. 


Four workshops organized during our residency for locating and dislocating habits (the archi-choreographies of self) through externalization and dissemination: by making them explicit and spreading them to others. Contrary to ordinary dance workshops, the aim of this workshop was neither to develop nor to learn new movement, but to stop the dance one is already dancing without knowing so. 


A Science Fiction Puppetry focusing on the parallel mechanism between ventriloquism and (loud)speakers (yet again).

| Tokyo, July 5 - August 29, 2012 |

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